Dr. Cheung

Dr. Lawrence Cheung is a board-certified dermatologist in San Francisco, California. He obtained his medical degree from Columbia University and completed his residency in Dermatology at Washington University. Dr. Cheung serves as Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Dermatology at the University of California San Francisco.

While his clinical interest lies in dermatology, Dr. Cheung has a deep passion for health care policy. Currently he works to improve public health through organizations such as the San Francisco Medical Society, California Medical Association, and American Medical Association, to promote sound public health policy at a local and national level. He serves as a mayoral-appointed Commissioner for the San Francisco Health Authority, which administers the various managed Medi-Cal programs in San Francisco.

Dr. Cheung has a fascination with health technology and currently acts as the Director of the Health Technology Initiative in the Bay Area. The charge of the Heath Technology Initiative is to connect practicing clinical physicians with health technology entrepreneurs. Within health technology, he specializes in tele-health technology. Dr. Cheung developed a tele-dermatology platform to service underserved patients who otherwise would have a significant barrier to access dermatological care. In his free time, he is a Technical Advisor for several Bay Area digital health start-ups.



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