Dr. Al-Saadon


Dr. Khalid Al-Saadon is a physician specializing in Internal Medicine focused on Cardiology. Dr. Khalid
Al-Saadon of Sarnia is an active member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario since
June 7, 2012.

He completed his medical education at Kuwait University Faculty of Medicine in 1984. Dr. Al-Saadon
has undergone postgraduate training in Internal Medicine and Interventional Cardiology at the
University of Ottawa and arrythmia fellowship in Calgary University.

Dr. Al-Saadon has interest in research. He has developed a bifurcated balloon/stent. He has made
publications in 2016 and presentation at the European Bifurcated Club Conference in 2020. Currently,
he is running a cardiac diagnostic clinic in Sarnia, ON. He has partnered with Dr. Farag to establish a
new research company focused in cardiac testing.



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